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Nombre del producto COMFORT Sequence Grey 2 cyl. (Bella SEQ Light) without reducer
Numero del producto: SCBLGR2C-V
Cantidad Disponible: mucho
Precio: 151,00 €/pcs
Descripción: Bella SEQ Light is a light, compact controller with a 48 PIN connector and a wide range of functions - sequential gas injection by Elpigaz. It belongs to the COMFORTline product group that provides a high technical level at an affordable price.

BELLA SEQ Light is designed to supply LPG / CNG gas to 2-cylinder engines with multi-point gasoline injection equipped with a lambda probe and power from 20 to 250 HP. Can be used with turbo, Multi-air, Valvetronic and Start & Stop cars.

- Two independent gas supply algorithms - at idle and out of idle
- Software change of gas injection sequence
- Unique emulation of gasoline injectors (patent claim) - allows for any connection of wires that cut off control signals
- Extra injection control
- Extended diagnostics - a list of error codes and indications of solutions
- Installation test function - automatic control of connections and devices
- Oscilloscope and REC function - recording parameters at any time
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